Thank you for visiting RF Tack! I am so grateful for every single customer, and we are committed to making sure every purchase is a 5 star experience!

My name is Rachel Fail, and I grew up in Western Washington, with a passion for all things horses.  My parents supported me with lessons and leases while I was younger, as we spent so much time away on our sailboat.  When I started high school, they enabled me to get my own horse, Blake, a 4 year old Arabian who pushed me to be a better horsewomen.  In pursuit of my desire to have a safe dressage mount, I started taking natural horsemanship lessons with a wonderful local trainer.  My love of the rope halter and mecate reins was born!  

My husband, Rob, joined the US Coast Guard about 4 years after we were married, and I quit my accounting job with Outback Steakhouse.  We have traveled the country since 2012 with his career. Our first move to Peoria, Illinois was just over a year, where our first daughter Rylie was born, and I spent about a year remodeling our old farmhouse we purchased.  I also spent down time crafting model horse tack, and mourned the death of my gelding who passed from colic just weeks before our move.  I had sold everything, trailer, truck and tack out of grief.  

Moving to Sonoma County, California for a year, we spent our free time enjoying the outdoors again with camping, and prepared to welcome our second daughter, Emma, into our growing family.  A few months before she was born, we were moved to South Florida where Rob served on two cutters over a period of seven years. 

Florida has become our home.  After about a year, when the girls were no longer infants, I started leasing an older Quarter Horse named Jasper at a barn called Double Flush Stables in Davie.  He was so handsome, I thought he deserved a special halter.  I wanted to create something different, something to combine the rope halter with leatherwork.  After I finished, the barn owner wanted one for each of her horses, and the other boarders soon followed.  About six months later, I started selling them on Etsy, gaining more momentum with each new product and design.  It afforded me the ability to purchase my own horse again, Cisco, a gaited gelding my friend pulled from a kill pen 18 months prior.  Trail riding with my barn family locally, I soon purchased another trailer (and another, and another, I have rehabbed several and put living quarters into them in my spare time).  We participate in the Florida Cracker Trail every year, as does my eight year old daughter Rylie on her sassy little Paso Fino mare Razzle.  Six year old Emma loves to ride being ponied, but hasn't started riding independantly on trail yet.

2021 brought a lot of changes.  Rob was stationed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but with uncertainty for how long.  Because the shop has grown to include two dear friends Lizz and Sharyl, RF Tack was less mobile than it had been in previous moves.  I am eternally grateful for having a supportive husband, who supported me and my crazy idea for making it work long distance.  The shop is still in Florida, but we needed to be in North Carolina most of the time. We bought a bigger horse trailer, a bigger truck, and we now live in it full time with our two children, three dogs, and two horses.  This season of our lives is truly an adventure to be sure, and we are loving every minute.  In addition to me flying back and forth every couple weeks, we can drive down for longer periods of time with our home on wheels, while Rob uses all that leave he was unable to use while on a cutter.  His new job in the Outer Banks affords him much more family time at home, as he's no longer gone half the year.  Countless people have come into our lives over this last decade that have enabled RF Tack to be more than just a hobby, and I am eternally grateful.